Piece of Mind is a project that started as a way to better understand self-care. It is understood that different methods work for different people, and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I was inspired by what I was going through, at the time of this project I had a panic attack which led me to go to the doctor. I found out I had an anxiety disorder and everything suddenly started to piece together. That feeling I had was something I've dealt with for so long at a lower intensity. I wanted to offer research that would help others like myself. My goal for the project was to create a resource for you to have accessible information that is simply designed, and the ability to feel guilt-free about what works for you.
The prompt for the assignment was "Emerge". We had to branch off of the word to create our own unique concept. I ended up at "Self Care".
Here is the order in concepts until I ended with Self Care:
Emerge, Breakthrough, Psychedelics, Epiphany, Evolve, Become, Mindset, Acceptance, Resilience, Self Care.
The poster is building on the puzzle concept. I wanted to make something interactive to engage the audience. The humor of each piece fitting incorrectly is something relatable to when you receive advice that just doesn't work for you.
The poster's call to action will bring you to the website. The website is a place to learn about the inspiration for the book and is also a webstore.