This project was a collaboration between Footwear Designer Steven Bursytn ( and myself, as CMF Designer. My role was to research consumers, trends, and materials and apply my findings to Steve's design. The product's design had to reference the 2024 Chevy Equinox EV, so we created a sustainable, everyday sneaker that is also great outdoors.
This experience was a sponsored Masterclass by General Motors and Pensole Lewis College (PLC) in Detroit, Michigan.
Product Renders
Mission Statement + Opportunities for Chevrolet
Material + Consumer Boards
There was a significant amount of learning throughout this experience. I had a self-driven CMF project right before this class, but that was my only experience with CMF until I came here. While we worked on this project for the client, we were all learning CMF design from the ground up. Lots of notes, questions, reading, touching materials, and sifting through color samples for the right hue.
Chevrolet Lynx LT
Blissful Biome is a color story inspired by the nature that Angie sees day to day while working at the Synergy Soul as a Rewilder.
Lynx LT Ortho
Lynx LT Ortho
Lynx LT Material Map
Lynx LT Material Map
Chevrolet Lynx RS
Blooming Spores is a color story with unique influences. Angie grew up watching anime and her favorite film was Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind by Studio Ghibli. The main character fought off evil, planet-destroying people and promoted peace. This might be what influenced Angie's career choice as a rewilder too.
Chevrolet Lynx SS
Eleuthera Memento is a color story inspired by Angie's (our fictional consumer) experience as a child in the Bahamas. She went diving with her Dad and saw sea turtles. When she sees a color like Eleuthera Aqua, she is instantly brought back to this memory.
We decided to create 3 "trims" of our footwear design to align with Chevrolet's product strategies and also attract a variety of consumers. The render above is the Chevrolet Lynx SS. It is the model with the highest price point, but has groundbreaking materials.
Drawstring Bag + Jersey Renders
We wanted to have a physical prototype of our project although it wasn't required. Steve was able to make a prototype of the sneaker while I made the bag for it. I had no knowledge of sewing but Ms. Suzette nudged me to learn how to use her machine, so I watched some tutorials and asked questions and voila!
Physical Material and Consumer Boards
Synergy Soul (Redefining "Dealership" into Branded Community Center)
Steve and I couldn't imagine our sneaker being sold at a current dealership, so we decided to go above and beyond and create our vision of a future dealership. It is called the Synergy Soul. It is meant to be woven through the community as a place for eco-tourism, sports and recreation, and a co-working space. It would also have micro-mobility and automated retail, where the sneakers would be purchased or leased. Below is my interpretation of the MyChevrolet app which incorporates the Synergy Soul.
MyChevrolet App Redesign/Integration (UI/UX Design)
Go-to-Market Strategy
PLC x GM Masterclass Group

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