The final project for my Screenprinting class was to create a print that is larger than the screen itself. After some thinking I decided to create a seamless pattern. I made a Shibori tie dye pattern, which is something that is not usually symmetrical and is always unique with its application. I liked the idea of taking a non-manufactured pattern and mass producing it into a large scale, repeating version of itself.
This was a CMYK silkscreen print, which means I needed 4 screens. Each screen had a different amount of halftone dots for each process color. The result was a classic indigo tie dye print. I experimented by swapping the colors after 18 prints to change the hue in the final product. For example, the screen that I used cyan with on the first print, now I'm using magenta, and so on. The result was 4 different hues of my original design (18 prints each) that tiled into a gradient, symmetrical, Shibori dye.

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