Makeway is a project dedicated to group travel. The main focuses of the mobile app are itinerary organization, voting on activities, and pooling money to split trip costs. I am usually the trip organizer of my friend group, so I understand what it's like to be stressed out making sure everybody has a great experience. With this app, I hope to take the stress out of traveling as a group and make it a more seamless and organized experience.
Logo and
Brand Book
For the making of the logo, I wanted to make sure it represented the benefits of the app as well as the personality of the brand. I sketched connotative and denotative versions of people and compasses. I ended up with a 'seamless' logo that includes 3 benefits that the app brings users: a compass (travel), a group of people (community), and excitement.
In the Logo Guidelines section of the brand book, I included different ways you can display the logo[type]. I am inspired by Wabi Sabi, which is essentially a Japanese aesthetic that encompasses the art of imperfection. I wanted to include variability in the logo somehow to allow for imperfections and play. I designed a stamped logotype which can be used for print and it allows you to shift around the placement of the logo and angle of the wordmark to give other designers that flexibility.
Logo Sketches
The ideation process for this project took weeks. There were many brain dumps, mind maps, and logo sketches. Above are some of my favorite logo sketches. I was keeping travel, groups, and money in mind when sketching. I think the final logo is effective.
How can I add something to this business idea to enrich it? What can make this a multichannel project?
I thought of ways I can expand the digital project into the physical realm. My professor, Pam suggested that I create some type of box or kit and I ran with that idea.
I decided to design a travel kit that is recommended as an add-on purchase to which ever place you decide to travel to. In my example further down the page, I made a travel kit for the Dominican Republic which includes sunglasses, an English-to-Spanish translation book, a map of the country, and a travel guide listing places to go.
The app takes you through the trip creation process, followed by the itinerary planner, and the money pool feature.
List of potential features to implement
List of potential features to implement
Early low-fidelity wireframe sketches
Early low-fidelity wireframe sketches
User Persona
Identifying the target audience as a first-time traveler is important. We want to gain trust of someone who is nervous of traveling and make it as easy as possible so that they can fully enjoy their trip.
User 1: The Avid Traveler
User 1: The Avid Traveler
User 2: The First-Time Traveler
User 2: The First-Time Traveler
User 3: The Family Tripper
User 3: The Family Tripper
Lauren is an example of one of the target users that I would continue to design the app around. I would refer back to this profile to confirm that I was solving one of her problems or achieving a goal of hers.
The user personas were really important for me to keep me on track. I know that there are archetypes of people and that if something benefits Lauren, then it will benefit a large group of people.
The idea is simple for the billboard, we want you to stamp your passport by traveling with our services. The only way to do that is to download the app and start planning as soon as possible. For the advertisement, I scanned in a page of my passport and then built on that.
The travel kit here is an optional add-on to your trip. Depending on where you go, you will receive a kit that will educate and help you prepare for your stay abroad. For example, a trip to the Dominican Republic would include a pamphlet on English to Spanish translations, sunglasses, a map, and a local travel guide.
Sketches of the to-be prototype travel kit
Sketches of the to-be prototype travel kit
The ad uses upbeat audio and inspiring views to generate a sense of fear-of-missing-out (FOMO). We want our users to avoid FOMO by staying organized and splitting costly travel bills through the money pooling feature. 

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