I was inspired to make this Color and Materials design project when I was working with my father in the garage one day. Ever since I was a kid, I always dirtied my clothes in the garage. It seemed like literally everything was dirty in there. Of course when I pass through, I get asked to lend a hand. I always help when he asks me but I know at some point I'll need to change my good clothes before I stain them. One day I was helping, I noticed a stack of red oil rags on his bench. They were varying shades of red, purple, and some had stains on them already. At that moment I had the idea to make clothes from textiles in the garage, so I can look and feel good about getting them dirty.
On the left is the rolls of oil rags I used to scan on my printer. The image on the right is a patchwork I made with all the scanned images of rags. This is what I used on a mockup of a work jacket to show what the finished product would look like.
Oil Rag
Work Jacket
Dirty-It-Yourself Kit
I was inspired by owner's manuals, particularly a lawnmower one that was laying around. I decided to rebrand a work jacket sewing pattern with the an updated cover for the "Creator's Manual". In the Dirty-It-Yourself Kit, you are provided all of the oil rags, the Creator's Manual, and the Oil-colored dye that you can use to customize your jacket if you don't have the real stuff at home.
Moving Blanket
Thinking Cap
I was thinking about what else I could make from the textiles I found in the garage. I found a moving blanket and it was noticeably heavy and durable. I figured it would make great headwear. When you're working under a vehicle, it's not unlikely that things will fall and hit your head, so there is practicality behind the Thinking Cap.
I also scanned in the moving blanket to my printer and used that image.
Webstore Prototype
I went for a cleaner look for the webstore, so I used minimalism typography. I wanted to still keep the project cohesive so in addition to that, I added a rust effect that anchors to the footer with a transparent background. I kept the 'garage' aesthetic with the duct tape "Buy Now" button, as well.

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